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2015 rollercoaster challenge


​At the end of each school year Mrs Hughes and Miss Shelton present the secondary students with an engineering challenge using the science skills and knowledge they have acquired throughout the year. 

The challenge is usually that students have to design and construct a structure within given constraints. 

In the past, those challenges have included designing and making a bridge out of spaghetti and sticky tape that could hold the largest mass possible or to design and make a catapult that could shoot a marshmallow as far and as accurately as possible.

Last year’s challenge was to design and make a rollercoaster that would take a marble the longest to time to reach the ground.  Points were awarded for time, creativity and difficulty of tricks.

Overall winners of the competition were a group of Year 7 students – Cherie, Tavanah and Asher.  A group of Year 8 students – Alicia, Elvie, Hayley and Amber – won the best design.

Was that all girls who won!!!!!!