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2016 Prep ANZAC Day


​Anzac Day in Prep

In History we are learning all about celebrations and commemorations. We have started learning about Anzac Day and how important it is in our country.

We are beginning to create an ‘Anzac Day memory quilt.’ This is a quilt that captures our personal experiences and observations of Anzac Day. We have looked at many symbols like the red poppy, Anzac biscuits, military uniform and we have explored memorial sites in both Australia and Gallipoli. If you would like to see our growing memory quilt it is located on our Prep veranda.

Anzac Day experiences from Prep:
Samuel Yaxley: “My Great Grandad went to Milne Bay in New Guinea in 1942. All my family go to the dawn service every year to remember the brave soldiers like my Great Grandad.
Caleb Gudze: My quilt square is a beach because that is where the soldiers died. The soldiers were very brave.